This comprehensive, three-day course, taught by PTSI's Accident Investigation Experts, helps operations improve school bus accident scene management and develop bus accident response policies and procedures. PTSI's unique course provides classroom instruction and hands-on field work, including photographing, scene measurement and math skills needed for accurate scene reconstruction and documentation. Participants will progress through a logical process to understand accident response readiness as it applies to their operation.

A high level of hands-on class participation will facilitate the objectives each class member brings to the course.

While an accident typically lasts just a few seconds, the physical and psychological chain of events before, during and after a crash can be very complex, and a challenge for pupil transportation staff.

Guidelines on how to document and manage an accident include how to prepare a response to an accident, on-scene procedures, and follow-up. Learn how to sketch an accident scene in detail, use photography, read tire marks, analyze bulbs, measure accurately, collect initial evidence, interview witnesses, and handle media.

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