We are pleased to share these safety and training resources with you. Feel free to pass them along to friends and colleagues. The items listed include the first chapters of our training manuals. All forms are in .PDF format and require a .PDF reader to view. If you do not have a reader you can download Adobe Reader by clicking the image below.


PTSI Awards Download
NYAPT Awards Download
NYSED Awards Download


Title Download
2017 PSA Download
2017 SBSIOBSAAT Download
2018 Laws and Regs Quizzer & Answer Key Download
Accident Assessment Service PTSI 2005 Submission Form & Preventability Criteria Download
BP Follow-Up Form Download
Bus Crash Article Download
Bus Driver Lost Certificate Request Download
Bus Driver Route Evaluation Form Download
Bus Stop Observation Form Download
Certification in Lieu of Log Download
Check the Door Handout (Red) Download
Check the Door Handout (White) Download
Check the Door Poster (Red) Download
Check the Door Poster (White) Download
Clarkstown CSD Safety Team 2013 Safety Drill Contest Video Award Winner! YouTube
Congers Interview Download YouTube
Course Registration Form Download
Delivery Agency Application Download
Diabetic Follow-Up Form Download
Dragging White Paper - Furneaux / Lawrence Download
Drawstring Can Strangle (Flyer) Download
FAQ 2016 PDS Download
MI Programs 2016 Download
Mirror Adjustment Grid Specifications Download
Monitor / Attendant Lost Certificate Request Download
MV104F Guidelines Download
Notice of Program Completion (NPC) Download
Notice of Program Offering (NPO) Download
NYS 2006 District Safety Review Download
NYS SED Superintendent Approval Letter Download
NYSED Physical Performance Guidelines Download
NYSED PPT - Equipment Inventory Download
NYSED School Bus Attendant/Monitor PPT (PT-910) Download
NYSED School Bus Driver PPT (PT-900) Download
NYSED School Transportation Course Guidelines Download
Parent Safety Alert (Flyer) [English] Download
Parent Safety Alert (Flyer) [Yiddish] Download
Passing Motorists (Yiddish) Download
Protecting Children From Passing Motorists (Flyer) Download
PTSI Consultant Brochure Download
Public Service Announcement Download YouTube
Sample Letter to Parents Download
School Bus Accident Passenger Position Forms Download
School Bus Safety Drills Check Sheets Download
Strings (Yiddish) Download